Eno® from Capital One® has a virtual credit card app that conflicts with the dev tool “Select Element” in Chrome.

I’m not sure how a developer could miss the mark in their creation of this Eno® app, or maybe I should say hit the mark. But DANG! How do you do that?

The Eno® conflict in Chrome Dev Tool is in the shortcut keystroke “CTRL+Shift+C“. This wouldn’t be a problem if you could change one or the other, but both the Dev Tool and the Eno® app don’t give you a way to change the shortcut for their given use of the shortcut. The Eno® for Chrome app takes over the shortcut entirely though. I don’t see a need for the Eno® app to have a shortcut option since it automatically pops up when a purchase asking for a credit card is in the page anywhere.

The only workarounds I could come up with was to,

  1. Disable the the Eno® extension.
  2. Use the pointer icon to make your element selections.

I think that Eno® should change their app to use a different keyboard combination, or allow you to change it to some other combination of keys since the Dev Tool has been using that shortcut for a much longer time. Also, more people use the Dev Tool than Eno®, pretty sure about that.

– 2020-01-03
– by Cory Curtis